Oct 29

This is how I made it:

Since August I’ve had a post it note over my desk that simply said “meat hand”. I mulled over how to make it for a while. I realized that the old formed inside a plastic glove thing wouldn’t work since the fingers would cook so much faster than the rest of the hand. It wasn’t until I saw this hand gelatin mold that I had my plan:

I shot several angles to show how it has a base built in, meaning I could probably use it to mold meatloaf.

I made the basic meatloaf recipe from How to Cook Everything using a food processor to chop the onions and carrot to a very fine mince so I could fill in the details of the mold without trouble. One meatloaf recipe using 2 pounds of meat will make two hands.

I sprayed the inside of the mold with cooking oil spray and it came out fairly easily. I put it on top of a rack to allow the fat to run off as it cooked.

I did a few versions, learning as I went along.

Version #1

The first one was straight meatloaf. I surrounded it with mashed potatoes and kale (or brain matter and swamp greens if you have kids, or just act like kids). It looked ok, sort of creepy:

Version #2

The next time I tried adding fingernails made of onion, which were just like press on nails:

To make the fingernails I sliced a thin round off of a single layer of an onion, then used kitchen scissors to trim it into a nail shape keeping the lines in the onion running the length of the nail. I kept the thinnest end of the onion slice at the tip of the nail. (Shown here using a red onion as it’s easier to see details.)

I also covered it with ketchup before cooking:

It turned out gross:

This time to better define the fingers I piped mashed potatoes around the hand to define the shape. I just used a ziploc bag with a small corner snipped off to do the detail inbetween fingers, then I snipped off a larger corner to pipe around the hand. I smoothed down the mashed potatoes with a silicone spatula. The results where pretty creepy.

Version #3

The ketchup covered hand made me pretty happy but… I had this idea. My mom used to throw a slice of cheese on top of her meatloaf before cooking it and the cheese always turned out browned and crispy. I wondered how that would work with my relatively delicate hand. I also had the idea to use the smaller inner layers of the onion to create a cartoon-y wrist bone sticking out.


Oct 26

Germans released a new roadster with a 500-horsepower V10 engine. Not bad for a beautiful car with a great quality. But Vermot AG will produce only 30 examples of the super car. This car is really great.

Oct 19

Uprima is one of the latest innovations in the field of medicine which treats male impotence and erectile dysfunction. The compound used in this medication is apomorphine hydrochloride and is known to stimulate the hypothalamus to naturally secrete or produce dopamine. As this is a medication which focuses in triggering specific brain function, it allows the blood vessels to naturally fill up with blood and produce a natural erection. The use of apomorphine has also been known to greatly contribute in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease for over three decades.


The use of Uprima is simple and the effects are delivered faster than other similar medicines in the market. It is easy to take as it is a flavored medication and does not require swallowing or flushing with liquids. The medicine is dissolved under the tongue and is immediately absorbed in to the bloodstream which makes the stimulation faster. The great thing about this drug is that it can be taken even after meals without risking the possibility of reducing the quality of its results.


Because this medication is meant to help men with erectile dysfunction or impotence, it is important for a patient to bear in mind that this does not promote a permanent cure. This is only meant to aide in the stimulation to produce natural erections. Uprima is not meant to be used by women and children; nor is it meant to be used by men who have no history of erectile problems. A patient must also be aware that the use of this medicine is not meant to protect them from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases nor as a means of contraception. This medication must also not be used with other medications meant to treat impotence. Seeking medical counsel is advised prior to using this medicine; this is the best way for a patient to be aware of the effects along with other necessary precautions they need to take along with the possible side effects brought about by the medication.

Oct 12

Yeah, we’ve seen a self-balancing unicycle before, but the brand new U3-X from Honda takes it to another level. A creepy-sterile, awesomely futuristic Honda level, to be precise. What makes the U3-X particularly interesting is it has the regular large wheel of a unicycle, but that wheel is actually made up of several small wheels in a series, which can rotate independently, meaning that the device can go forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally, all being controlled with a simple lean.

Honda credits its ASIMO research for this multi-directional capability, though we’re not sure we see it – ASIMO is biped, after all — but far be it from us to discredit an excuse to keep up the good work on the ASIMO front. Right now the “experimental model” of the U3-X gets a single hour of battery and weighs under 22 pounds, with a seat and foot rests that fold into the device for extra portability. No word of course on when the thing might make it to market, but Honda plans to show it off next month at the Tokyo Motor Show. A devastatingly short video of the U3-X in action is after the break.

Oct 7

  • Four slices of whole wheat bread
  • Turkey & mayonnaise (or ham, or peanut butter, whatever you want!)
  • American cheese singles
  • Blueberry

See the instruction:

1. Take the crust off the bread (all four of them) carefully. Do not throw away the crust! You’ll need them later. Also don’t cut the crust with a knife, you need the corner piece of the crust.

2. Cut bread into a square.

3. Spread mayo on bread, put a slice of turkey on top, and put bread on the top. This will be Wall-E’s body.

4. Cut two slice of bread into four triangles. You’ll have total of 8 mini-triangles. 4 triangles will be Wall-E’s treads, and 4 triangles will be Wall-E’s eyes.

5. Make two turkey sandwiches out of four of eight triangles.

6. Wrap the crust corner around the triangle piece.

7. Cut the two sharp points of the four triangles with a spoon. These will be the eyes.

8. Make two turkey sandwiches out of #7.

9. Put a piece of crust for the neck, and place his eyes and treads by his body.

10. For his arms, cut crust 1-inch long X 2. Cut cheese into the same size as the crust, and cut it for the stripes.

11. Cut crust to make his hands.

12. Put his hands on the body, and cut a blueberry in half and put it on its eyes.

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